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Ser vi syner? – Mikkel Thomas

Producer catalog: HJF652b
Production year: 2023
Tracks: 1

Release date: 5. May 2023

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About Ser vi syner?

The world is full of violence, sunshine and guns under the table. After a trip to Venezuela where his wife origins from, Mikkel Thomas learned to appreciate the rainy weather and cold winter in Denmark.  At home he could freely walk around in a society that functions and has rules, and where one doesn’t constantly have to be stressfully alert.

“Ser vi syner?” (Are we hallucinating?) is about acknowledging how important our freedom and safety is. It may be that Denmark doesn’t have the best climate in the world, but we can safely move about and trust the police, democracy and each other. We know for sure that there are no guns under the table. It sometimes feels like we are hallucinating, when we through the media experience war and chaos. And also are informed how the climate crisis is running wild, and is leaving us powerless. The song encourages us to try and see things from other people’s point of view, and contribute to solving the world’s problems, while we peacefully drink our tea in our small domestic gardens.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/ser-vi-syner




Anders Christensen

(Guitar, bass, and keys)


Mikkel Thomas


Rasmus Hecter


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