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Mikkel Thomas

About Kigger stjerner

Mikkel Thomas’ EP, “Kigger stjerner”(Looking at stars) helps you through a chaotic world in his new songs…

In times of crisis, Mikkel Thomas writes songs. It is his way of understanding the world.

The climate crisis, the midlife crisis, and a world gearing up for war. The songs on the EP contain small and large concerns, but most importantly: He sees light at the end of the tunnel.

He forms pictures out of the conditions he has lived through in times of crisis. But the lyrics are also full of hope for the future. The songs question many of the values in the times we live in, and call for us to reconnect with each other; so that we can solve the crises we are facing together.

Mikkel Thomas is musically from a folk tradition, and the music on the EP is characterized by having a good groove as a focal point. The sound is warm and brown. It is Mikkel Thomas and Rasmus Hecter who have produced the EP, and together they have defned this sound as -Funky folk. In addition to some energetic well-polished dance songs, there are songs where its more about the acoustic guitar and the narrative.

Mikkel Thomas about the title track – “Looking stars”: “Even though we are in the middle of a climate crisis and there is war around the corner, I believe that we can change the world by singing together. When we look at the stars, together with those we love, a deeper meaning is felt and we can feel the invisible threads that run through the universe and bind all life together here on earth. The past and the future exist in this now that we share. The stars show us how little time we have to do the right thing.”

1. Finder hjem
2. Ser vi syner?
3. Hjemløs
4. Kigger stjerner
5. Fremtides lys

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/kigger-stjerner