Blív – Blív


The word “Blív” can have different meanings in faroese. It can mean: to be, become, remain or stay (instead of running away).

Blív will be released on Vinyl later this year

the artist says about the release: “It’s in part inspired by Nietzsches philosophy about becoming who you are.I started writing songs on the guitar as a teenager. Now I’m a bit older! I don’t know where the songs come from. It’s just something that sometimes spontaneously happens. I’ve been very privleged to collaborate with Mikael Blak who arranged the songs and produced the album. He also played on the record and brought all these very talanted musicans to Studio Bloch and they made the songs transcend. Theodor Kapnas mixed the album. He did a great job “cutting me to pieces” and putting me back together in a better way. Fred Ruddick focused and sharpend the sound when mastering the album. The songs on this album have been written over a period of 20 years. They touch on subjects about what it means to be human and include a hook of somekind. I call this genre existential pop!”


Mikael Blak: Bass, synth bass, synth and vocoder

Mattias Kapnas: Piano, organ, Rhodes, mellotron and synths

Heðin Ziska Davidsen: Guitar, xylophone and electronics

Per Ingvaldur Højgaard Petersen: Drums and percussion

Lea Kampmann: Vocal

Ólavur Olsen: Trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone

Høgni Kragesteen: Vocal and guitar

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