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Blív – Blív

The word “Blív” can have different meanings in faroese. It can mean: to be, become, remain or stay (instead of running away). Blív will be released on Vinyl later this year the artist says about the release: “It’s in part inspired by Nietzsches philosophy about becoming who you are.I started writing songs on the guitar […]


Tú skalt vita at eg elski teg – Blív

Tú skalt vita at eg elski teg (You must know that I love you). Just a simple song straight from the heart to my kids. We are part of a remarkable development. Somewhere along the way love emerged. Although there can be quite some noise in our mental lives, underneath it all, love is burning […]


Sunnumorgun – Blív

The first single from the forthcoming Blív album is “Sunnumorgun” (Sunday morning). The song tries to capture the moment where the soul catches a glimpse of itself and discovers longing. The story occurs in the same place as the romantic faroese evergreen “Eitt sunnukvøld í plantasjuni” (Sunday evening in the plantation) and could unintentionally be […]