Apple a Day – EagleCentric

Producer catalog: HJF646b
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


Apple A Day

The inspiration for “Apple A Day” came out of a joke, really! One day, when hanging out with my wife at our home in Sandur, I thought about that old saying, with that good message in it: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, because we were talking about healthy foods versus junk foods, and so on. So, I sang the saying, and added that punchline to it, that I had heard back in the day when I lived in Montreal, Canada. I recorded that little vocal line onto my phone, and later that day I began constructing a song out of it. It’s built upon a 3 bars pattern with a chord progression which naturally supports the melody top-line. It also has this 6-beat ostinato going on, which makes it less square’ish than we most often hear in the mainstream. These lyrics, with its 12 words, is by far, “…if you can dig it!”, the longest lyric in this album.

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Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
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Apple A Day

Words & music: Arnold Ludvig

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
… If you can hit’em!


Composers and Authors

Arnold Ludvig

(author, composer)


Arnold Ludvig

(voice, vocoder, synth bass, synth pad, synth sound design, drum programming)


Arnold Ludvig

(production, mix, mastering)

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