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Jógvan Andrias


Egin slóð – Jógvan Andrias



Sóljuprinsessa – Jógvan Andrias

In 1981 during the Midtfyn Festival, Jan Toftlund and Mathilde Bonde made this song one beautiful night. Later it was released on the vinyl record “Maskebal” (1982) by Lasse & Mathilde. Kim Larsen had his interpretation on “Forklædt som voksen”, Kim Larsen & Bellami, 1986. In 2021, Jógvan Andrias made a Faroese translation and now […]


Sólarhvarv – Jógvan Andrias

Jógvan Andrias Joensen is a poet, songwriter and folk-singer from Klaksvík. Faroe Islands. His first album Soleiðis saman was released in 1999. Now he is back with the single “Sólarhvarv,” which he wrote after the solar eclipse in March of 2015. Music listeners first became aware of Jógvan Andrias when he appeared with the song […]


TUTL 2000 – various artists

Producer catalogue: SHD041
Production year: 2000
Tracks: 16