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Beat – FRUM

Beat is the latest song by FRUM and is thus the fourth single that precedes the forthcoming album. All her songs have so far been accompanied by music videos (see music video for Beat below). The song is about finding your beat in the face of existential turmoil. Beat is produced by fellow TUTL artist […]


Let It – Frum

The new single Let It is a song about free will and determinism. We are born of the world and we are born into the world, born of and into structures and rules that are already set. You could say that we have no influence or free choice to shape our lives but what then […]


Birdstone – FRUM

Digital single from art project, FRUM.  Feat. Steso. In FRUM’s own words: “Come to a place where there are no shapes. There we can dance without steps, there we can sing without a tune, there we can see without light. I am me, I am you, you are him, he is you. “Frum is a music […]