Niels Uni Dam- MonkeyRat, The Hentze Horns

Producer catalog: HJF524f
Production year: 2024
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Niels Uni Dam

In 2014, Anna Iachino and Arnold Ludvig received an artist residency in New York, USA where they performed at several Open mics in the heart of Manhattan. To Anna’s delight, the Open mics in New York didn’t only feature music, but all forms of the performing arts, which included poetry, storytelling, comedy, improv… New York City is widely regarded as one of the fastest-paced cities in the world, a stark contrast to the laid-back, slow-paced, and relaxed nature of the Faroe Islands. Upon their return to the Faroes, Anna was inspired to have the same inclusive concept take place in the capital city. Bogi Andreasen, the leader of the cultural house embraced the idea and on April 8th, 2015, Anna Iachino and Arnold Ludvig started hosting their weekly event, Open mic/Open stage at Reinsaríið in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

One of Anna’s many tasks was to submit the text and photo of the special guests she booked to Niels Uni Dam, one of Open mic’s staunchest supporters; he attended every week. Every time Anna noticed an error or missing info, she would write to Niels Uni Dam, and bam – he corrected and added the missing info – right away! “Damn, he’s so quick to fix”, Anna thought to herself. Second time, third time…same thing – bam – in a flash, Niels Uni Dam did it again – beinanvegin, as we say in Faroese! “Damn, he’s so quick to fix”, Anna said out loud to herself. “What?”, asked Ludvig? “Damn, he’s so…oh my God, his last name is Dam, I have to write a song about him”, exclaimed Anna.

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“Built on playful storytelling and a witty lyrical formula, ‘Niels Uni Dam’ contains one of the most catchy vocal delivery we have come across in a while. Developing a solid hook in the chorus – pivoting the song’s title – the record then finds fertile terrain on funk and soul stylings. The alchemy between the […]”
“MonkeyRat kicks off 2024 with a bang, dropping their infectious funk/pop hit, “Niels Uni Dam.” This track, masterfully arranged by the acclaimed…”
“Every time I would ask Niels Uni Dam to correct text or add info regarding the Open mic events, (that I’ve been hosting with Arnold Ludvig since 2015), he would always correct and add the info…”
“Monkeyrat’s latest release is ‘Niels Uni Dam’, a single that is extremely funky to say the least. They leverage absurd and random themes, complex energy and groove quotients.”
“Experience the infectious energy of MonkeyRat’s “Niels Uni Dam,” a fun-filled funk/pop single from the Faroe Islands that dances through humor and vibrant brass arrangements”
“MonkeyRat’s latest music video, “Niels Uni Dam”, features a song vibrating to the rhythm of the talents of Anna Iachino and Arnold Ludvig.”

Watch the music video here: 

Financial support:
Mentanargrunnur Landsins
Skálavík Kommuna
Sands Kommuna

Niels Uni Dam

Words: Anna Iachino
Music: Arnold Ludvig

“Niels Uni Dam
so quick to fix, so quick to fix, uh”

Dam’s a quick wit
who just won’t quit
till he fixes it
with just one click

Typing, writing
up, downloading
right, left clicking
fixing, boosting
Dam’s so freakin quick!

“Niels Uni Dam
so quick to fix, so quick to fix, uh”

U understand
the glitch at hand
the graphic brand
the masterplan

“Niels Uni Dam
so quick to fix, so quick to fix, uh”

Who gives a damn?
Niels Uni Dam

“Niels Uni Dam
so quick to fix, so quick to fix, uh”

Dam’s a bag of tricks
fixing is his schtick
that’s what makes him tick
Click, click damn he’s slick

Click, spell check his shit
Click, reset them pics
Click, retype and fix
Dam’s so freakin quick!

“Niels Uni Dam
so quick to fix, so quick to fix, uh”


Composers and Authors

Anna Iachino


Arnold Ludvig




Arnold Ludvig

(recorded horns in 2016 + recorded, mixed & mastered intro in 2024)

Óli Poulsen

(mastered vocals, guitar, bass, and drums in 2016)

Louise Nipper

(recorded & mixed vocals, guitar, bass, and drums in 2016)

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