I Will Captain – Brandar

Producer catalog: HJF690a
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1

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I Will Captain

“I Will Captain” is the first single, released by the folksy band Brandar. The melody is energetic and dramatic, yet with a catchy simple folksy sound.
The lyric is about how great and fantastic life is, although trials and danger are all around us. We like to be in control of everything, but sometimes we have to admit, that we fall short.
“Son, I’ve got this, I will Captain” are words that may comfort and give hope in times of trouble.

Teksturin lýsir lívið sum nakað stórt og fantastiskt, sum eisini hevur vandar og royndir við á leiðini. Ofta vilja vit hava stýr á øllum viðurskiftum, men mugu tó til tíðir viðurkenna, at vit ikki sjálvi røkka til.
“Sonur mín, lít á meg, eg skal stýra!” kunnu verða orð sum veita linna, troyst og vón í eini truplari støðu.

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I Will Captain

Words: Hans Fuglø Christiansen

music: Hans Fuglø Christiansen

Wisdom calling greatness shouts
I am receiving
Weakness whispers, failure hunts
Within the hollow

Speak of my being
Gain the grapes from deep with in

Son my son
You’re just like everyone
Do like some

Give your soul in my hand come
Speak your heart and see what’s left
Where are you spirit
Save your soul from left or right
Rest in the meadow

Soul rise up
Take a step
I will captain


Composers and Authors

Hans Fuglø Christiansen

(author & composer)


Hans Fuglø Christiansen

(lead singer & guitar & keys)

Jákup Ingi Thomsen

(backing vocals & guitar & electric guitar)

Jóhan Jacobsen

(backing vocals & drums)

Sigmund Klein Olsen

(backing vocals & guitar & keys)

Steffan Klein Poulsen

(backing vocals & guitar & ukulele)

Teitur Akurstein

(backing vocals & bass)


Alvin Ellebye

(production & mix & master)