Church on Wheels – Son of Fortune

Producer catalog: HJF672b
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1


Church on Wheels

“Church on Wheels”, a dusty banjo sets the tone for the song, and when the rest of the band kicks in, you are guided through Son of Fortune’s special universe which he has named “Voodoo Pop”. The inspiration for the lyrics came, when Benjamin, the man behind the moniker Son of Fortune, traveled in Iceland. He went on the famous guided tour called, “The Golden Circle”. On this trip the charismatic tour-guide told a story about a priest, who had built a church on wheels so he could wed people in the dramatic Icelandic nature. When Son of Fortune heard this title, the rest of the lyrics came quickly. A made up story was written in his note book, about a lost soul searching for something or someone to surrender too.

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Church on Wheels

Words & music: Benjamin Petersen

By chance he left home at sixteen
By chance he came into to money
By chance he found what he longed for
By chance he found the blues

Worked hard to become accepted
Worked hard to find the truth
Worked hard to find true meaning
Worked hard but only found the blues

From door to door selling salvation
From door to door covering the truth
From door to door he was on a mission
Yeah he was selling the blues

Church on wheels

We shall extinct the burden
We shall be free from doubt
We shall not say maybe
We shall accept the blues

Do not, bathe in temptation
Do not, do not preach
Do not, do nothing
But please do accept the blues

Church on wheels

By chance ended up homeless
Worked hard but lost his way
From door to door asking for forgiveness
Man, he gave into the blues
Church on wheels


Composers and Authors

Benjamin Petersen

(author, composer)


Benjamin Petersen

(vocals, guitar, banjo)

Mattias Dimitris Kapnas

(piano, rhodes, moog)

William Noah Denney

(percussion, vocals)

Jon Eldridge

(hammond organ)


Mike Fahey

(produced, engineered, mixed)

Benjamin Petersen


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