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Kaj Klein

Kaj Klein

Kaj Klein released his debut solo album ‘Skot’ in 1986 and subsequently broke through in the Faroese rock scene with Plastnoist, a band started with brother Karl Anton Klein. Bringing together some of the country’s finest musicians, the pair released ‘Ypp Bara Øxl’ (1995) and ‘21’ (1999) to critical acclaim. The albums went on to inspire a new generation of hard rock in the Faroes.

Considered a real musician’s musician, Kaj Klein’s solo albums ‘Hálvt frá hálsi’ (2005), ‘Úr Maskinrúminum’ (2007) and ‘Í andglettinum’ (2012) continued the work of bringing together talented musicians from across generations and genres. Famed not only for the extraordinary gathering of talent, these albums stand as some of the finest Faroese-language albums of their kind.

Frequent collaborations with award-winning Faroese poet Tóroddur Poulsen inspired a body of work renowned for its daring and explorative use of the Faroese language.

His latest and, sadly, last album ‘Síðsta kvøldmáltíðin’, released posthumously in 2020, is a collaboration with Faroese progressive rockers Bendar Spónir, a group that is itself full of members inspired and mentored by Kaj and Karl Anton Klein.  

Kaj Klein died on 27 August 2019 in Denmark shortly after his 61st birthday. He left behind a wife, a son and two grandchildren – and an inspired generation of talented musicians.