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Jógvan Andrias

Jógvan Andrias Joensen

Jógvan Andrias is a poet, songwriter and folk-singer from Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. His first album Soleiðis saman was released in 1999.

His third single “Egin slóð,” is an attempt to highlight presence as the most important key to encouraging and stimulating children and young people on their own path to mature with age and become confident in themselves as adults.

The other single “Sóljuprinsessa” was released in 2021 and “Sólarhvarv”  in 2017.

Music listeners first became aware of Jógvan Andrias when he appeared with the song “Ljós í myrkri” on the album Amnesty tónar in 1991. This song became immensely popular on the Faroe Islands and received substantial radio airplay.

Jógvan Andrias worked with many skilled musicians as well as the Tórshavn men’s choir. The music and song writing is rooted in traditional Faroese folk music, such as the traditional Faroese ballads. In some of his song the choir adds an atmosphere of this tradition.