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is a band shared by four young people from the Faroe Islands – Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen, Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen, Harald Fonsdal Johannesen and singer and songwriter, Jasmin Mote.

With fusing soul and electronic pop, the young band draws inspiration from life on the Faroe Islands, with seasonal darker tones creeping into their sound. Half Kenyan, Faroese lead singer, Jasmin, impressively delivers and her range lends the unique sound and original voice to their music, extending it well beyond the borders of the Faroe Islands.

Their debut EP, I Know it’s Over (2019), gained a lot of attention on the radio and social media as well as their debut singles, Baby Blue and Make Sense. At the Faroese Music Awards 2019 the record won “Best Album / EP of the Year” and the lead singer, Jasmin Mote, also won “Best Female Singer of the Year”.

“My great inspiration for writing and making music comes first and foremost from the Faroe Islands, where I have grown up, but I also have roots in Kenya, which has influenced me a lot. The North Atlantic eagle is a constant source of inspiration for all of us and is also the reason why the entire project got started at all.” says Jasmin.

Keep an eye on JASMIN in the future because they are an upcoming band with great goals and ambitions to work hard to move on up.

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