I Know It’s Over


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About i know it’s over

‘I Know It’s Over’ is the highly anticipated debut EP by award-winning (already!) pop/soul act JASMIN.

The band has a global sound with an electronic fusion of soul and pop. The young band also gets inspiration from life on the Faroese archipelago, where a mist of longing and melancholic tones creep into their sound.

Jasmin Mote’s delightful and amazingly powerful vocal is what brings their music to a peak, as well as giving the sound a reach that goes way beyond the limits of the Faroe Islands.



1. Remember

2. I Know It’s Over

3. period.

4. Any Other Night

5. changes

6. I Can Move


Released on the following formats:

CD and digitally it has been released on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

Check out the EP on the player below.