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Fremmand means stranger in Faroese referring to the themes in a lot of the songs, based on the feeling of alienation as well as themes of loneliness and isolation. Lyrically the songs are both in Faroese and English.

The music is exploring the tension between dreams and desperation, and draws a line to early goth and post punk, but is also forward looking.

Standing in front, with a personality and presence that vividly resonates both on stage and recording, is Fremmand lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, while her band, consisting of drummer and producer Tobias Weltzer, guitarist Sigmund Zachariassen and bassist Tinna Tótudóttir, creates the enthralling sonic landscape around her fiery vocals.

Since the release of the debut, the band has molded their sound into their own unique blend of nordic indierock and has now a more guitar driven sound, opposed to the synth oriented debut album.

Over the years, Fremmand has grown a close relationship with the american alternative rock trio, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That has led to touring with BRMC in both Germany and Denmark. Singer and guitar player Peter Hayes has joined Fremmand on stage at several shows, for the song “Holding on to Love”. A song from the debut album that Pete also plays the guitar on.

Fremmand is always trying to push the boundaries, to keep evolving as a band.

Fremmand has formed a strong bond with Peter Hayes and the rest of BRMC. This has lead to the indie rockers supporting the fabled American band on tour in Germany and most recently played a sold-out show in Copenhagen.

Many dedicated rock fans may also recognize the name Richard Fortus with eager anticipation. The American guitarist has stood side by side with Axl Rose in Guns’n’Roses since 2002.

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