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Anton Liljedahl


Tired of spending his teenage years surrounded by stressful city life, at the age of 18, Anton decided to move to his second home, the far away and secluded Faroe Islands. A place where he always has found peace and solace. Being close to breaking waves and green mountains, the young Swede/Faroe Islander, who had been playing in numerous different bands for the past 10 years, decided that it was finally time for him to pursue his long-time dream of a solo career, seeking to compose music as close to his soul as it could ever be.

Growing up in a home with strong connections to 2 different countries is something that’s been highly significant in shaping him. The Faroe Islands, a group of 18 small islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where time stands still, defined by old tradition and rural lifestyle juxtaposed to Sweden where everything’s in constant motion, close to high paced urban life style has created rare impressions, which he wants to bring into life through his music.

In addition to producing his own music, Anton often plays most of the instruments on his recordings, being a competent singer, drummer, guitarist, pianist, and bassist.