Symphony of Storms


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About symphony of storms

Rich harmonies. Bent rhythms. Strong lyrics. Clear voice. Powerful choir. Challenging, yet catchy.

Exploring a modern gospel vibe, the songs of Symphony of Storms display a mix of funk, jazz, neo-soul, pop and gospel. The recordings are live and organic. The EP was recorded in Studio Bloch and Introvers Studio with FMA ‘Producer of the Year’ 2017, Hans Poulsen, as producer.

Symphony of Storms is Reality Bytes’ debut EP. It features sounds never before heard on the Faroese music scene.
The lyrics shift from the personal, to the spiritual, to finding one’s path, to soul-searching, to desiring being wholesome and to admonish.

‘Symphony of Storms’, the title EP, is a fun observation of life as well as a statement that we can affect the outlook of our own lives. The chorus is likely to leave some jaws hanging. ‘Sælur’ is from James chapter 1 in the Bible and is, not surprisingly, rather real, so to speak. The lyrics are, like James was, provoking, also to the band members themselves. The strength of the song comes from the reaction to the message and the choir gives unity in striving to be the best version of ourselves. The ‘Interlude’ is a snippet of the late Brynleif Hansen, Dania’s grandfather’s speech from the 60s on disputing the divine. ‘Fylgja’ is self-examining, reaching and soothing, easy for the ears with an uplifting chorus. And wrapping up the EP, ‘Love That Is Alive’, co-composed by Bart Hanswijk, is a praise that turns up the mood.



1. Symphony of Storms
2. Sælur
3. Interlude (Brynleif Hansen)
4. Fylgja
5. Love That Is Alive


Released on the following formats:

Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

On 10 inch vinyl.

On CD (single sleeve).

Music video for ‘Symphony of Storms’:




Dania O. Tausen (vocals)

Ingmar Berg Mikkelsen (Rhodes, wurlitzer, organ, piano, choir)

Pauli Reinert Poulsen (guitars)

David Simonsen (bass)

Tórður Dam Jacobsen (drums)

Hans Poulsen (organ)

Maria á Lakjuni (choir)

Jóhan Magnus Gunrim (choir)

Margretha Poulsen (choir)


Dania O. Tausen (Author/Composer)

Ingmar Berg Mikkelsen (Composer)

Pauli Reinert Poulsen (Composer)

David Simonsen (Composer)

Tórður Dam Jacobsen (Composer)


Hans Poulsen



Recording venue: Bloch Studio

Sound engineer: Hans Poulsen

Cover art/design: Heidi Mortensen

Vinyl records by Nordsø Records

Released by TUTL