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About Suppose

“I suppose I always did know, that it’s best to let what you hold dearest go” is the last line in the chorus of the song “Suppose” which sums up Jensia’s second single. Join her, in a short journey, where you might revisit all the could haves, should haves and would haves, that we reflect upon every now and then, and that might bring us joy, sorrow, pleasure or a bit of a whirlwind of it all. But the bottom line is: May they live long, those bittersweet memories, that inspire the music we love.

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Words & Music: Jensia Højgaard Dam

There is someone somewhere out there I’ve been missing
Someone somewhere out there I’ve been searching for
And I wonder if he wonders about me
Wonder, if he’s thinking of me and if he’s found the best forevermore

How I’ve longed for him to wrap his arms around me
Longed for him to hold med as he used to do
While he’d whisper that he’d always love me and that he’d wait forever
Like he knew I’d wait forever for him too

Now there’s a voice deep down inside me
And it tells me you and I could never be
And I suppose I always did know
That it’s best to let what you holde dearest go

In the ups and downs and rounds it seems I lost me
In the ups and downs and rounds you lost you too
In the ups and downs and rounds we both got lost but never found
When it’s all right but wrong you do what you must do

But if I could I would search over hills and valleys
If I could I would search ocean floors and shores
But our love was never one to last! It lives on in the past
But there’s no denying: I really had a blast


Composers and Authors

Jensia Højgaard Dam

(composer, author)


Óluva Dam

(backing vocals)

Arnar Guðjonssons



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