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“Summardái” is an upbeat, dreamy song about summer memories in the Faroe Islands. It is about the longing for brighter days and for the flower “Summardái” (daisy), which appears in the green gras in the beginning of summer. The music is inspired by latin/spanish music and especially flamenco – Hervør loves flamenco

The song was written in 2014 and has been performed live a couple of times.
Hervørs nephew, Benjamin, recorded and produced the music and really gave the song a new life.

Words and lyrics: Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi.
Acoustic guitar: Kári á Torkilsheyggi.
Bass: David Simonsen.
Drums: Fríði Bjarkhamar.
Percussion, acoustic guitar and clap: Benjamin D. Djurhuus.
Voices and clap: Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi.
Mix and mastering: Hans Poulsen – Introvers Studio.
Cover Photo: Heidi Mortensen

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
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Composers and Authors



Benjamin D. Djurhuus

(production, mixing, mastering)

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