Rensl – Jakobina


Rensl is an album that was made in a collective spirit at Oyravox, Nólsoy, with none less than 17 excited musicians. They took turns and went from Tórshavn to the little island, Nólsoy and back again everyday without earning any money. A Hammon organ was also transported back and forth – and now everything is history and memory. Also Oyravox and the ship and also Tummas M. Smith, who also died soon after the release of this CD, Rensl.

1   Í mánalýsi
2   Viðføri mítt
3   Brotið
4   Á dekkinum
5   Sátt
6   Jalousi
7   Kærleiki
8   Vakrari enn Havnarvág
9   Leygarmorgun í Havn
10 Toybilsnátt

Released on the following formats:
CD and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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