Pandemonium – Sic

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Producer catalog: HJF 124
Production year: 2007
Tracks: 13

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Lyrics: Eddie Jacobsen, Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

“Remembering times when I despised being me
always reminds of those times I used to flee
to those colorful places where roses have mo thorns,
snow isn’t cold …
I would throw myself down – inhale death

“… and you be grateful for all the shit that you got!”
Well, the shit that I’ve got
is the shit that I got from you
and you never gave shit (about me)

(If you) keep hitting/beating the child, then (eventually) it will think it deserved it!

Reach inside the place I hide
I wouldn’t mind a dream tonight”


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

The mask is off
Not what you expected , right?!
The face – deformed
Not a pretty sight
(you) search my soul
not used to honesty, right?!
Just walk away!
No more – never hide

The book is open
For all to read
No lines written
To read between
Eyes wide open
For all to see
No lies are written
Gotta know how to read – to see

Put on a smile and a happy face
Just another copy to chase
(yourself to waste)

Predictable I
Unmerciful I
Gotta know how to live
To know how to die

Kamikaze I
Rebellious I
Gotta know the truth
To point out the lie

Self loathing
No controlling
and it’s only your fucking self
that you’re fooling
What you see is what you get
Now, how do you like it?


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

Decisions! Decisions!
I’m sick of decisions!
All the questions
The pressure
I’m passing it on!
The responsibility’s the source of my actions
The result of it all reflects
in my daily outbursts of rage!

Temptations! Temptations!
So sick of temptations!
Delusion. Confusion.
I’m passing it by!
Constantly craving a non-existent existence
Forcing myself to convince myself to be satisfied with a natural high

Objection! Objection!
I object to this shit!
Religious fanatics harassing us all
Keep pissing and moaning
About Heaven and Hell
And they’ve never even tried to take a peak
outside of their comfortable little shell

When you reach the point
where there is no point
Do what you do ’till you’re done!
Or screw what you do and move on!

To dare to risk to regret!


Lyrics: Eddie Jacobsen, Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

My little nightmare
Everything is always a dare
Little demons scratching
It’s so exhilarating
I can feel it – it’s so pure
I can taste it – it’s my cure

My thoughts too vulgar to tell
My own little fairytale takes place in hell!
Come on step inside
As we will rip your souls apart tonight!

This black heart of mine
Has got a sort of glue effect
It will pull you down with me
Down to Hell you din’t expect

Feels like my soul has left my body
I’m an empty bag of bones
Now I’m just like all the others
All the copies and the clones
The ashes I exhale will direct you directly into –

I tell dirty little lies
Drag you in
Make you part of me just for a moment
I use you – your soul dies

I’m done with you
My demons are too
I move on to the next one
and before she’ll know it, she too will be gone

The ashes I exhale
Will direct you
Directly into


Lyrics: Eddie Jacobsen
Music: Sic

Each time I look around
All I see is the evil around me
And when you scream those words
I don’t seem to get through to you
I’m fading away…

So I close my eyes to hide the lies
So I close my eyes to idealize

Wash my face
Circle in a daze
‘Cause when I look around
there’s no pride to be found
In this hell I walk
I can’t seem to get free
… seem to break free

So I close my eyes to hide the lies
So I close my eyes to idealize

Yeah my eyes are blind
No truth to find
Can never stop this pain inside
I hide the pain
Provoke the sane
Can never escape the shit inside you
Just stay away from me


Lyrics: Eddie Jacobsen, Mai Jacobsen
Music: Sic

There she was in the pit of hell
Telling tales in her man-eating shell
Let alone her voice – it could tear you apart!
Rip you to pieces and smash your hear!


Lyrics: Magnus Hansen, Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

I laughed along the light path of life
In search of a break from innocence
Found in clenching arms
Heart burst from your lifeless charms

(I am soon to discover
when the masquerade’s over
the truth is uglier than it appears)

Dazed by a love scent
As I picked red leaves
From a black ground
Leading to the womb of you
Centered in a rose garden in Hell

I cry along the footsteps of hounds from Hell
In search of a break from ignorance
Hate found by clenched arms
Pale at heart with vampire charms


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

Run now and you’ll be running your whole life!
If I’d hide now and then I’d be forgotten before I’m in the ground
I’ll stand up, confront the shit that scares me most
If I ran now then I’d keep running…

You! You think you’re tough
Come let’s get rough
Had enough? I get beat up
But don’t give up
‘Cause I can take it
No matter what you bring
You can’t break me

Sometimes alone in the dark is the best place to be
Somewhere alone in the dark where no one can see me
Sometimes alone in the dark is the best place to be
Somewhere alone in the dark where no one can see me
In my private little cave … I am safe
Fighting the world with every word that I say
Fists are sore
Facing the shit and dealing with it without you

I ain’t running nowhere… I’m coming back for you with my bat for you…


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

With a “bible belt” around your waist to teach me to behave
Your teachings almost chased me into my very own grave
What didn’t kill me made me stronger
It taught me to think twice (about life)
Gave me my x-ray eyes
So I could see through the lies

Religion results in chaos
Preachers preaching cannot save us
Give me something real to believe in
Raised to believe that everything is a sin

You say “what about tomorrow?”
I say “I’m right here today!”
Hypocrites and fakes
You resemble most of the things I hate
You ain’t no more saved than I am
You din’t love God
You just fear The Devil
If you were so saved. (then) you would give a damn
But you are not
Because you don’t…

Keep your shitty comments to yourself
Weep your dirty tears by yourself
Keep your pity torments to yourself
And I’ll leave you to yourself

Look at you now!
Then take a look at me, you cunt!


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

Dreams of violence
Teethless teens
Dirt under nails
Hollow and mean?

Pictures of evil
Empty eyeholes
Scared and scarred
And pushed too far

They hate us
But they made us
can’t guide us
So they fight us

Living in a labyrinth
Alone and abandoned
Sons and daughters
Of “too busy to care”

Stop stabbing and unite

Chaotic existence
Blurred reality
When it hurts to smile
You just wanna die

Don’t need to fit in
Born to stand out
Stand together
Not crushed by the crowd

We’re stronger
Stand longer
We’ll conquer

By sticking together
Like bricks in a wall
They can push as they want
But they won’t make us fall


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

Have you ever taken a look at the man behind this face?
Taken a big bite of life and it’s got a bitter taste
I know myself and I know my place
And I know that my place ain’t a waste of space
Take a look at the world through these tired eyes
What you’ll see is people feeding on their own little lies
You can hide and you can run
but what’s done is done and can’t be undone!

Myself is I, I am but one
If I was two, maybe I’d be you
My opinions are mine and I’ll stand by them
And I’ll stand by you if you are true

Have you ever woken up on the cold hard ground?
Or to the suns very first sound?
Satisfied your hunger with words
Body aches and mind hurts


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

She’s an ocean of mystery
Has a history of treachery
But she’s also warm as the sun
So don’t get too close
Or she’ll burn you alive

As long as no one knows
No one cares
So I’ll keep my mouth shut
Until it’s forgotten
Dead – buried – rotten – gone!


Lyrics: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen
Music: Sic

Devils son
Grow your horns
One by one
Open doors
Unknown world
state of mind
What are you gonna find?

Preachers son
Seen it all
There beyond the see-through wall
You have seen the unseen
You’ve seen through the scenery

Hands unfold

Son of a bitch
Stitches itch
Cuts may rot
Therefore the stench of buried emotions
Leaking through the pores
Find comfort in drugs and drunks and whores


Composers and Authors

Eddie Frits Jacobsen

(Author & composer)

Frants Arge Galán

(Author & composer)

Gudmar Hansen

(Author & composer)

Magnus Hansen

(Author & composer)

Mikkjal Gaard Hansen

(Author & composer)



Eddie Frits Jacobsen

(Mixing & mastering)

Tommy Hansen

(Producer, mixing & mastering & engineer)

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