MAZE OF DEATH – James Blames

Producer catalog: HJF616a
Production year: 2024
Tracks: 1



James Blames evokes Sci-Fi on his space-rocking debut single. A thick slice of strutting retro futurist rock mania, which belongs on any music connoisseur’s playlist. Klaksvik based “non-musician”, James Blames, is set to release ‘Maze Of Death’, a tight, focused space rock lazer beam directly inspired by the classic Sci-Fi story of the same name by famed author Phillip K. Dick. On the surface, a murder mystery. But, scratch beneath the imitation chrome and other themes become glaringly apparent: Isolation, virtual reality, existential crises Hidden meaning is an important ingredient in James Blames’ songwriting method. Normally this would be left to the listener to discover without being told, but since this is a single release the artist has decided to show his hand. Written, composed, performed, engineered and produced by the artist, this is the definition of a “Do It Yourself”. If you appreciate the music of bands like Hawkwind, Chrome, The Stooges etc… then the artist all but guarantees you will appreciate this.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
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Words and music: James Paul Clarke

Were lost in space it seems a thousand years
We can’t remember how we got out here
Got no illusions bout my mental health
We run in circles through the maze of death
It’s like a tv screen is on my brain
No matter who I am it’s all the same
The players are all picked off one by one
A strange construction on the horizon

And I don’t care much if we don’t survive
There is no purpose just to stay alive
The chance for rescue has now come and gone
But this game keeps going on and on
Maybe someone will find this rotten hull
They’ll find the sensors I put in my skull
The life support shut down, can’t take your breath
My ghost still lost inside the maze of death


Composers and Authors

James Paul Clarke

(author, composer)


James Paul Clarke

(Guitar, bass, drums, synths, horn, vocals)


James Paul Clarke


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