In My Room – Sámal Hansen

Producer catalogue: HJF609a
Production year: 2022
Tracks: 1


About In My Room

Like The Little Mermaid inside her cave, marvelling at her collection of human trinkets, dreaming of a life on land; Sámal Hansen’s debut single “In My Room” was written at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and harks back to the time spent in isolation. Moments in solitude, in our most vulnerable and personal space, free from self-conciousness in which one can embrace one’s most authentic and biggest self. The comfort of staying distanced from the outside world, rather than showcasing one’s true potential in various contexts. His debut single, emerging out of water, from his upcoming EP “A Flying Mermaid”.

I wrote this song while I was in isolation in Iceland, early 2021. However, the sentiments surrounding this song came from a solo performance piece I did at uni in 2019, titled In My Room as well; a video piece in which I explored whether it was possible to capture a moment free from self-conciousness – in my most vulnerable and personal space. A quote from Marina Abramovich, that I used in the video: “From vulnerability we become creative, from fragility we become inventive.”

After a year full of isolation, enduring a global pandemic, I started thinking of the performance video, the amount of times I had been in quarantine over the past year and how much I had distanced myself from people, both because of the anxiety I felt surrounding covid and because of my own mental health. And so, through the oceanic imagery and mermaid metaphors, I wrote a song about my depression, the potential I have in many contexts, that I’ve kept contained to myself. How it’s easier to hide away and wallow in my own pity, rather than put myself out there and express myself.
How in your room, you are your most authentic and biggest self.


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Composers and Authors

Sámal Hansen

(author & composer)


Djóni Nolsøe Fischer

(electric bass)

Dan Helgi í Gong

(backing vocals & synthesizer)

Yoed Nir



Dan Helgi í Gong

(production & arrangement)

Yoed Nir

(mix & mastering)