Hví Sakni Eg Teg? – Rannvá Álaberg


New single by Rannvá Álaberg has now been released. It is called “Hví Sakni Eg Teg?”, which is Faroese and means “Why do I miss you?”. This is Rannvá Álaberg’s third single, and “Hví Sakni Eg Teg” is a bit different than her first two singles, “Vitleys” and “Einglaveingir”, that could be said to be in the rock/pop genre, whereas the new song leans more towards the singer-songwriter style.


1. Hví Sakni Eg Teg?

Released on these formats:

Digital single as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the track. You can also press the link buttons at the bottom of the player to go to the individual streaming- and download sites such as Spotify and iTunes.

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