House by the Shore – Katrin á Borg


“House by the Shore” is the first single of the upcoming EP by Katrin á Borg. You may sense a form of longing in the lyrics. It is both at longing for the person the song is about, but it is also a longing for the honesty, commitment and dedication that is necessary in any given relationship.

Lyrics & Music: Katrin á Borg
Arrangements: Espen Tappel
Recorded in Bedehuset Studio og Tappeluft Studio (Grimstad/ Oslo, Norway)
Producer: Espen Tappel
Mixing: Ruben Dalen
Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Mastering
Cover art: Durita Hansen, Illustratiónir
Photographer: Photography by Sem Johnsson

Katrin á Borg: lead vocals, backing vocals
Jens Andreas Kleiven: backing vocals
Torjus Vierli: keyboards, piano, Rhodes, Mellotron, synthesizers
Espen Tappel: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, percussions, programming.
Ruben Fredheim Oma: bass
Ruben Dalen: drums, percussions, synthesizers
Jonas Kilmork Vemøy: trumpet


1    House by the Shore

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.


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