Burturav – Spælimenninir í Hoydølum

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Producer catalog: SHD004
Production year: 1980
Tracks: 16


About Burturav

Kristian was born in Jutland, Denmark. In 1974 he came to the Faroes to teach music at the secondary school outside of Tórshavn. There, Kristian started »Spælimenninir í Hoydølum«. Over the years, the group has grown and changed, welcoming musicians of varied nationalities and backgrounds. Some fifty-odd musicians have, for shorter or longer periods of time, played with »Spælimenninir í Hoydølum« since 1974! Another of the pioneers of »Spælimenninir í Hoydølum« was Magnus Pauli, from Tórshavn. Maggi was the first regular bass player in the group, in 1974. Since then he has developed into a fine fiddler as well. Jan first came to the Faroes in 1976 with »Lekstulaget«, a group of fiddlers from Jämtland. They returned to Sweden, but Janne remained in Tórshavn and joined »Spælimenninir í Hoydølum«. Born and raised in Jämtland, on the Swedish-Norwegian border, Janne has played fiddle for dances since the age of 11. Sharon, from Lexington, Massachusetts, also came to the Faroes in 1976. An active folkdancer in the States, she began playing with „Spælimenninir í Hoydølum« in 1977. Shortly after Sharon joined the group, Ívar came along on guitar and mandolin. Born in Tórshavn, Ívar is also a folksinger, writing many of his own songs. Four of us from »Spælimenninir í Hoydølum« – Kristian, Janne, Sharon and Ívar – have travelled together during the past few years – to Orkney, Shetland, Denmark, USA. We have heard different tunes and been playing different styles. Many of these have, one way or another, become part of our repertoire.

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Weight200 g



Composers and Authors




Kristian Blak

(piano, pedal-organ, song)

Ívar Bærentsen

(mandolin, guitar)

Janne Danielsson

(fiddle, hardingfela, triangle)

Magnus P. Poulsen

(acoustic bass, fiddle)

Sharon Weiss

(recorders, spoons, triangle)


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