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Tweed & Hyenas


i really mean it this time – Tweed & Hyenas

i really mean it this time reflects on the transformative aspects of being. It might be easy to change, butgrowth is complex and depends on what our surroundings and contexts allow usto see as possible event horizons. ”I believe that the revolutions of my time havebeen changes not of government or of the personnel of […]


Yates – Tweed & Hyenas

Brilliant alt. rock debut album ‘Yates’ by Faroese/English band Tweed & Hyenas.   Tracklist: 1. Norðasta horn 04:16 2. TOPA 05:19 3. Dune 07:21 4. Svim uppeftir 04:49 5. Ketur og kettur 03:32 6. OPTA 06:03 7. Ricœur 04:27 8. Seconds 05:09   Released digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.) and on […]