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About Tøgn

Tøgn, which directly translated means “silence”, is a collection of nine Faroese songs, with lyrics that touch on subjects such as silence, longing, addiction and love. The music takes inspiration from Faroese tradition, with its characteristic rhythm and its references to chain dance and old Faroese ballads. But it also taps into more modern, popular trends, such as the music that sailors, during the last half of the twentieth century, brought home with them from abroad, as well as other tendencies that have shaped Faroese society and its music scene over many decades. All of these elements come together in a new light, where acoustic instruments, strings and ambience go hand in hand. A musical landscape of brass, percussion, roaring sea, pipe organ, gospel choir, and blaring machines – all under one sky.

For this project, Jógvan joined forces with Tróndur Bogasson, who produced the album together with him. Several Faroese artists and musicians perform on this album, including Torleik Mortensen, Jó nas Bloch Danielsen, KATA, Andras Spang Olsen, Andreas Restorff, Jan Rú ni Poulsen, and many others. Each of them enhancing the music and helping create the sound that Jógvan has envisioned from the very start.

Tøgn sheds light on poems written by Jógvan himself. Poems that speak of personal things such as fear, grief, longing and love. All the things that life throws at you when you dare to live.


1. Hoyr mín sannleika
2. Øll orka farin
3. Angist
4. Í tokuni
5. Løtan
6. Mær leingist
7. Til reiðar
8. Tú ert ljósið
9. Djúptonktur

Released on the following formats
As LP and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/togn