Sandonian Comfort – EagleCentric

Producer catalog: HJF646
Production year: 2024
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Sandonian Comfort

“Sandonian Comfort was born out of an experiment, in which I was trying out some random and probability generators in Ableton LIVE.” Arnold says about the song whose working title was 76 bpm Groove Beat 17.04.2021. “First I created a drum beat in a drum rack, using the classic 808. Then I found a synth-bass sound, tweaked it a bit and recorded the bass line – just a simple groove, so I could play around with the random and probability generators. I thought that it sounded good from the get-go and one thing led to another. Pretty soon, I was inspired to add chords with a synth-pad sound, and then it just grew into the final composition with the top-line played on my Gretsch guitar. Lastly, I added some vocals to it. The whole process was such a pleasurable experience. I created the song in the comfort of my home in Sandur, Sandoy, Faroe Islands, so the only fitting title, ever, would be “Sandonian Comfort”.

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Arnold Ludvig



Arnold Ludvig



Arnold Ludvig

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