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Konni Kass

Konni Kass

Konni Kass is a Faroese singer/songwriter and recording artist that combines soul with dreamy pop music.

In 2016 she released her debut album “Haphe”. Konni Kass wrote, recorded, and produced her debut album “Haphe” together with Faroese musicians Torleik Mortensen, Knút H. Eysturstein, Per I. H. Petersen, and producer Benjamin Petersen. The result of this obvious inspiration and creative chemistry was a universe, where the soulful voice of Konni Kass merged with soundscapes of synths and space effects. Konni Kass took the small islands by storm with her debut album. The Faroese Music Awards rewarded Konni Kass the “Best Newcomer” award in 2017, and a year later the Faroese Art Fund awarded her the “Art Prize for Young Artists”. “Haphe” was also picked up and praised by several Scandinavian and German critics and appointed “Album of the Week” by Radio Eins in Berlin. 

The singer/songwriter and saxophonist has been on several headlining tours in Denmark and Germany with her band, and played at prominent festivals such as Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Spot Festival, by:Larm, Eurosonic, and Roskilde Festival.

HAPHE was reviewed on CDStarts.de, where it got a great review and scored 8/10.

HAPHE was ‘Album der Woche’ (Album of the week) on Radioeins.