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Jónas Gaard

Jónas Gaard

The 22 year old singer and songwriter, Jónas Gaard is one to watch out for. His first single, Cruise Control was well received on the Faroese music-scene and critically acclaimed on Faroese national radio, KVF.

The Faroe Islands based songwriter started his music journey as a child, and has held on to his love for music ever since he first picked up the guitar at 9 years old.

Jónas Gaard has been active in the Faroese music-scene as a guitarist/singer for other bands, but has finally found his own voice.

“Writing songs has helped me getting to know myself better – and there’s always more to discover. Hopefully, by the time you’ve heard one of my songs, you’ll be able to know a part of me too.”

Jónas Gaard has been working closely with Filip Zachariassen since 2020 and the pair make for a dynamic duo.

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