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In 2015, Jógvan released his first EP album “Love That You Love”, with one song in his native language and four songs in English, and the following year he was nominated as best male singer at FMA.

Jógvan is an artist from the small village Fuglafjørður in the north atlantic, the Faroe Islands. From a young age he discovered music and started playing piano and sing as well as composing music. Jógvan knew already then what he wanted to do with his life and this set him on a path of learning more instrument such as guitar and getting involved in all sorts of music arrangements, bands, clubbing and so on.

The last couple of years Jógvan decided to get a degree in music at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen where he still is studying and working on his musical career while recording his debut album, ‘Tøgn’.

Tøgn is the title of Jógvan’s forthcoming album and is set to be released on June and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

Tøgn, which directly translated means “silence”, is a collection of nine Faroese songs, with lyrics that touch on subjects such as silence, longing, addiction and love. The music takes inspiration from Faroese tradition, with its characteristic rhythm and its references to chain dance and old Faroese ballads. But it also taps into more modern, popular trends, such as the music that sailors, during the last half of the twentieth century, brought home with them from abroad, as well as other tendencies that have shaped Faroese society and its music scene over many decades. All of these elements come together in a new light, where acoustic instruments, strings and ambience go hand in hand. A musical landscape of brass, percussion, roaring sea, pipe organ, gospel choir, and blaring machines – all under one sky.

For this project, Jógvan joined forces with Tróndur Bogasson, who produced the album. The album is arranged by Jógvan and Tróndur.