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James Blames

James Blames

Born James Paul Clarke, Greenock Scotland, 1975.

James has had a keen interest in visual arts from a young age – and, curiously, a strong dislike for music during this period.

In 1981 James’ family emigrated to the northeast United States.

In 1989 he was struck by a car resulting in severe head trauma – noticeable side effect being an obsessive interest in music.

In 1998 he formed a noise-rock collective called Box Patrol, and gained some notoriety touring the east coast (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania). The band released several albums independently, and disassembled in 2006.

He returned to Scotland in 2010, forming the band Angel Eyes as keyboardist and producer.

In 2018 he moved to the Faroe Islands, and currently lives in Klaksvík with wife and children.

James considers himself a non-musician. He is self-taught, and relies heavily on artistic intuition and experience when composing. His other interests have had a profound impact on his work. These include songwriting, painting, filmmaking, literature and history.