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Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi

Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi

As a child she watched and listened to her mother playing the piano and was able to play together with her mom whenever she wanted. The piano was the heart of the home, and music was a soothing natural part of Hervør Sabinas life. She was 12 when she wrote her first song in 1995 and was surprised when she was asked to write another one for a children’s album. This sprouted something in her and quietly she told God that if He wanted her to write music – she would like to – and wanted God’s love to be seen or felt in her songs. So she kept on writing and describes songwriting as something she just can’t live without. The songwriting and the singing has been a quiet and slow process – the first time she performed her own songs was in 2013. Her songs are about life in all its shapes and sizes. They are about love, sorrow, longing, faith, doubt, God, ups and downs and life in all its shapes and colors.Some of her songs are about the moreheavy things in life. “Beiggin”, “Hidden gold” and “5 L spann”, are about losing a child, people that aren’t really being noticed and stress/depression. She is inspired by everything. Some of her songs are written in a few minutes and some of them are written over several years.Her goal is to describe different situations and thoughts in life, and most of all she wants to be sincere in her music.Hervør is a sign language interpreter by education and has an education in music therapy as well. She is married to Kári á Torkilsheyggi, who often performs together with her, playing the guitar. They have 4 children and live in Toftir, Faroe Islands.

Hervør has released:

2012: she wrote the lyrics to “Lívið tað broyttist”. Kristina Bærendsen wrote the music and released this song on her first album. The song was about a woman missing her father. Produced by Jákup Zachariassen.

2013: her first single “Bíða” a song about slowing down and seeing things through a child’s eye. Produced by Jens L. Thomsen

2020: “Summardái” about summer memories. Produced by Benjamin Djurhuus.

2021: “Nú er jól” a Christmas song sung together with Rebekka Larsen. Produced by Rúni Rasmussen.