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Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi

Hervør Sabina á Torkilsheyggi

Since she was a child Hervør has written music and lyrics. When she was 12 she wrote a song wich a childrens choir wanted to use. When she noticed that maybe her music could be usefull, she silently asked God that if he wanted to use her music, she would be happy.
In 2002 the christian childrens CD “Vit eru glað” was released. Hervør had 2 songs on this release: “Vit eru glað” and “Óttast ikki”.

August 2013 she released her first single “Bíða”. This song is written from a childs point of view. It’s about how grown-ups sometimes rush kids through life, because they are in a hurry. It is altso about what a mother sees when she stops and looks at all the details the child is seeing.

In 2012 she wrote the lyrics to “Lívið tað broyttist”. Kristina Bærendsen wrote the music and released this song on her first album. The song was about a woman missing her father. Hervør has written a lot of songs all though only 2 of them have been released – “Bíða” and “Summardái”.

Her songs are about life in all its shapes and sizes. They are about love, sorrow, longing, faith, doubt, God, ups and downs.

Some of her songs are about the more heavy things in life. “Beiggin”, “Hidden gold” and “5 L spann”, are about loosing a child, people that aren’t really beeing noticed and stress/depression.

She is inspired by everyting. Some of her songs are written in a few minutes and some of them are written over several years.

Her goal is to describe different situations and thoughts in life, and most of all she wants to be sincere in her music.

Hervør is a signlanguage interpreter by education and has an education in musical therapy as well. She frequently has musical courses for children and their parents (Tónaflog).
She is married to Kári á Torkilsheyggi, who often performs together with her, playing the guitar. They have 4 children and live in Toftir, Faroe Islands.