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Hans Andrias

Hans Andrias

The shamelessly gifted young musician, Hans Andrias, already received a Planet Award for Best New Solo Artist back in 2012. His excellent debut album, Vision, hit the streets in 2016, and is so thick with folksy americana that you could easily be led to think that he was from the plains of Nebraska, and not from a wind blown town like Klaksvík, Faroe Islands.

Listen to a track like Hell Hounds and let yourself be led across dusty flatlands.

His vinyl record – which became a bit postponed due to some unfortunate errors – should arrive before Christmas.

The album was reviewed on the radio program, Kvørnin, on KVF, and got two times 4, and one 5, out of 6, from the three reviewers.

Here is a youtube video of his song Hell Hounds: