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Ensemble Sirius

Ensemble Sirius

Ensemble Sirius is a Nordic Quintet consisting of five promising young musicians hailing from Denmark, Faroe Islands and Germany. Gathered in Aarhus by their common interest in modern music, the ensemble aims to promote new interest and awareness in contemporary Nordic music.

Comprising of Trumpet, Saxophone, Double bass, Piano and Percussion, this unique arrangement of instruments combines the strength and idiosyncrasies from each instrumental groups. This collection of instruments not only allows composers and arrangers to experiment and transform how music is experienced and created, it also permit composers to freely explore different possibilities in playing with sounds, effects, timbre and styles.

Throughout projects across the Nordic regions, the ensemble seeks to become a platform to help cultivate cultural and artistic identities with its colleagues and audiences. Ensemble Sirius aims to work and develop alongside artists of their time, continuously develop, disseminate and challenge Nordic contemporary music, thus creating a symbiotic relationship between musicians, composers and audiences.

The members are:

Ernst Remmel (trumpet)
Kristina Thede Johansen (saxophone)
Mathilde Qvist (double bass)
Frieda Funk (piano)
Ninna Morsing (percussion)

Webpage: https://ensemblesirius.dk/