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DÓTTIR is an upcoming Danish-Faroese musician who has made a name on the alternative rock scene with her mysterious and experimental style. She released her first single, Yellow Trees back in 2014, which was followed by a string of concerts in Denmark and the Faroe Islands – where DÓTTIR (Súsanna Herálvsdóttir) was born. This was followed by a solo tour in Russia leading-up to a Faroese festival together with Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil and Marius Ziska. In April 2017, she released the EP “Division” in collaboration with the Faroese label TUTL, followed by a tour in Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands. In the past year, she’s been recording songs for her full-length debut album “Seeker” in collaboration with TUTL, expected for release in early 2019.

“Division” was a dedication to her roots  in the Faroe Islands and the feeling of being divided between two cultures. Growing up in Denmark while longing for the Atlantic Islands, the existential meaning of home has been a central theme in her work, and this is also reflected in her music when DÓTTIR sings in both Faroese and English.

The lyrical universe in “Seeker” symbolises a search for identity, knowledge, meaning, understanding, love and retreat when life becomes too difficult. They are two very personal pieces and deal with human themes that everyone can relate to – that is precisely the purpose of DÓTTIR’s music. As the cover illustrates, the sound in “Division” is a mountain landscape that takes the listener on a dynamic, wondrous and unexpected journey to the North. The music can be described as alternative Nordic rock, moving between intimate and powerful passages in a mythical, captivating and introspective universe. In “Seeker”, DÓTTIR extends this audio image to both Faroese and English, where she explores new areas with a touch of 90’s grunge, desert rock, psychedelic rock and anthems from the traditional Faroese singing tradition. It goes on a dark journey into the mind, opening the listener up to hope and redemption. The synergy between the drone-bass, shamanic drums and dreamy electric guitar forms a springboard for the lean phrases and melodies in her captivating vocals.

DÓTTIR composes and writes her own songs, and has been fine-tuning her production, music and performance over the past few years. With a style all her own, it’s no surprise that there is a growing fan base for the captivating Danish-Faroese musician.

In 2017 Dóttir released a 10″ EP, Division.

New single “Queen of Darkness” set for release on February 15, 2019.

New album “Seeker” set for release in the spring of 2019.