Raske Dregne


 Gudny is a faroese singer-songwriter. She was born in 1972, and has, since her early teen years, been writing poems, stories and songs, but on the public faroese musical landscape, she is a newcomer. In her childhood home in Tórshavn, there were all sort of musical instruments, and singalongs in the family kitchen were frequent. With a guitar or two, hand drums and coffee, the family would be singing in harmony to favorite songs by artists like Jim Reeves, Charlie Pride, Ricky Skaggs and Wanda Jackson.

On her 18’th birthday Gudny got her own guitar. It was from a second hand store, heavily used and impossible to get in tune, but it still harnessed a handfull of naive lovesongs. The flowery guitar has long been replaced, but it still serves as an ornament and a reminder of a timely and much needed life companion. Though, as of yet, by no means a guitar specialist, the guitar still serves as a means in the creative process of writing songs.

In her writings, Gudny finds inspiration in life, love, family and all sorts of ordinary things around her. It would be fair to say that oftentimes inspiration finds her. It comes in its shape of tiredlessly, insistent nudges. And when it does, she might as well give in, and find the guitar along with some writing utensil,
for it will not be ignored until it has been properly clothed in words and chords, to become the song that in some shape or form echoes the feel of the source of inspiration. Intrigued by the raw beauty and diversification of the faroese language, most of her songs are written
in her native tongue, Faroese.


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