Raske Dregne


Goresquad was formed in the Faroe Islands in 2014 with the goal of bringing Supreme Death Metal Terror to the world. Members of the band are known to be associated with acts such as Hamferð, Ótti, Incurse, Earth Divide, Iron Lungs and several other prominent bands in the Faroese metal scene.

Goresquad’s debut EP ”Mutilation Chamber” was released in February 2015, and in August 2020 the band will follow up with its second EP titled “Hypergenocide”. Based around the colonization and subsequent eradication of planet Earth by alien lifeforms, “Hypergenocide” contains guest performances from a host of musicians whose alter egos can be traced back to bands such as Clawfinger, Barren Earth, Hamferð, Hamradun, Svartmálm, Iron Lungs, Joe And The Shitboys, Sound Of The Damned, Necrolepsia and many more.

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