Raske Dregne


“Frostfelt comes out of the archipelago Faroe Islands, 18 islands midway between Iceland and Scotland. Líggjas Olsen, main person behind Frostfelt, makes music to his poems with feeling and heart, singing about the inner and the outer journey, bringing to light universal themes like meaning, longing and belonging. The music shifts from dreamy landscapes to pop ballads to club bangers taking the listener on a journey of self discovery through his reflective lyrics written in English and Faroese. Frostfelt started playing the violin at age 7, gave it up at 13 to pursue soccer but music drew him back in and he’s been in bands as well as performing as a solo artist since the age of 15 with piano and synths (and vocals) as his main instrument. He draws his inspiration from North Atlantic island life where the weather is never static but forever changing and unpredictable. This is reflected in his music which seems to morph but not without the integrity of sounding like Frostfelt. With 2 albums out and the third on the way, there’s a distinct difference between all of them, telling a story of exploration and change. 
 Frostfelt has hooked up with Faroese producer SAKARIS in his most recent album “Lightworks”. It’s his most heartfelt album to date blending electronic beats with acoustic strings and beautiful melodies.”

Frostfelt has also worked with Guðrið Hansdóttir, Rebekka Petersen, FRUM and Steso.

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