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Hailing from the small village of Eiði, Faroe Islands, the majority of the songwriter’s life was spent writing and composing music and lyrics for an audience consisting of himself and his closest confidantes; but after being discovered by the highly-regarded drummer/percussionist Tórður Dam Jacobsen, the songwriter’s musical pursuits – very suddenly – became a shared vocation between the two musicians. This chance encounter resulted in the release of the single Something New (2017), which debuted only a few months after the initial meeting between the two in 2016. The single garnered high praise on the radio-show called Kvørnin, in which the hosts compared the songwriter to such established and high-renowned artists as Paul Simon and John Mayer.

Two years after their encounter, Tórður introduced Fróði to three other established musicians: Robert Bjarnason, Árni Jóhannesson, and Rasmus Vigant Samuelsen, which led to the creation of the project called Frodi Bjarnason. The group decided to enter the music competition called Stella Polaris/Sement, which they ended up winning. This gave them some renown in the small Faroe Islands, and the following months became a whirlwind of shows, as well as the release of two additional singles – Where My Home Is (July 2018) & Scandinavia (October 2018).

Retaining their signature sound – a mix between pop-rock and singer-songwriter influences – the group decided to enter the studio during the summer of 2020, to record their debut album – Stationary Things. This album serves as a culmination of the musical journey the singer-songwriter started in 2016, as well as the fullest potential the group has yet achieved. Stretching from intimate, acoustic musings on being a performer, in the song The Entertainer to grandiose statements and arrangements on forbidden love in the song Don’t Put Me Out, the album Stationary Things serves as a new-yet-familiar landmark within the well-trodden path of the songwriter.

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