Raske Dregne


The quintet Brimhvítt was formed in late 2020, a project by lead singer Bjørk Sigurdsdóttir Lamhauge. Almost all and every day throughout her childhood, music was a part of it. Whether it was listening to her sisters practicing on their instruments, her grandpa playing a good “schlager” on the piano or practicing on the violin herself, there was always music in her presence.
-After giving up my childhood dream of becoming “the best violinist in the world”, my heart still desired to create music. So I texted some of the most talented musicians on the Faroe Islands. I didn’t know these boys that well, but I asked them anyway if they wanted to join me on this project and all of them agreed immediately!

By mixing all of the musician’s musical backgrounds in one pot “Brimhvítt” comes up with a genuine sound to their music.


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