Raske Dregne


New duo that takes the listener on an evocative journey through tightly composed passages, improvisations and more psychedelic soundscapes. The style is Nordic, indie, jazz and more avant-garde ideas and the music is always atmospheric and melodic.

We aim for a new sound, but most importantly, that the listener is drawn into deeper layers of consciousness. The fuss and confusion of today must be peeled away by the music, says the duo, who are Torleik Mortensen on bass/sampler and Martin Stender on saxophone.

Torleik is a well-known name on the Faroese music scene working with Hettarher, Konni Kass, Svartmálm, Teitur, etc. and Danish Martin is the composer behind Girls in Airports, which is one of the biggest international successes in Danish jazz.

They met each other in the jazz community in Copenhagen already as big teenagers and shared an apartment in Copenhagen for several years while studying at the conservatory, so it is also the sound of a friendship that goes a long way back.

A15 was the main road between the cities of Aarhus and Herning, where the two grew up in the 80s-90s, the name is intended as the right road that connects the two – the difficult balance, where nothing goes too much in an extreme direction and the road where you are completely true to your own nature.

The debut album will be released on TUTL in May 2022, followed up by concerts in the
Faroe Islands and Denmark.


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