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About vera

01. Jørð
02. Vera
03. Sirm
04. Sjórok
05. Vón Mín

ELINBORG (25) was born and raised in the small town of Gøta in the Faroe Islands. From a young age, music and song writing became her biggest passion. Deeply influenced by the wild nature and surroundings of where she grew up, she describes her music as “dark electro pop.” In 2016 ELINBORG won ‘best live act of the year’ at the Faroese Music Awards. In May 2018 the young Faroese artist released her single ‘’Brimið’’, which was recently featured in the Norwegian Netflix TV Series ‘’RAGNAROK.’’

ELINBORG’s new forthcoming EP is entitled VERA, which translates from Faroese as ‘being’. The EP includes five new songs, all written by ELINBORG in her native language. Produced by herself and her sister Eivør , the songs were co- produced by Tróndur Bogason, Hallur Jonson and Norwegian producer, drummer and member of Highasakite, Trond Bersu. With her melancholic and crystal-clear voice floating through soundscapes of dark synths and electronic beats, ELINBORG draws us into her emotional world, singing about unattainable love and deep longing.

Elinborg offers the following insight to her songs:

Track 1 – Jørð
‘’Jørð’’ translates to ‘’Earth’’. ’I wrote this song in 2020 when I was in quarantine. I wasn’t able to see family and friends and felt very alone and confused about the situation of the world and from this feeling I wrote these lyrics.
I wanted the production to balance between a certain peacefulness and chaos. I loved working with Tróndur, Eivør and my friend Hallur Johnson, who created the almost hypnotising beat that goes throughout this track.

Track 2 – Vera
‘’This song came to life in a state of loneliness I guess and I tried to capture the mood of how it feels to be alone after spending years with someone.’’.
The track was produced by the Norwegian producers, and members of Highasakite, Trond Bersu and Kristoffer Bonsaksen. ‘’I have always been an admirer of Highasakite and their sound, so it was a real dream come true for me to get to work with them on this track’’.

Track 3 – Sirm
“Sirm”, which translates to ‘’light rain’’, is a love story. ‘’I wrote these lyrics as a collaboration with Silvurdrongur, one of my favourite artists and poets from the Faroe Islands who also performs on the track. He wrote a poem as a reply to my lyrics which really created an extra dimension to it all. The making of this track was such a fun and playful process in every way.

Track 4 – Sjórok
“Sjórok” which translates to “Sea spray” is a song about unreachable love, and is also the first track I wrote for my EP. I tried to put into words the feeling of not being able to let someone go and how lonely and overbearing that feeling can be.

Track 5 – Vón Mín
‘’Vón mín which translates to ”My Hope” was the last song I wrote for this EP. When I wrote these lyrics I was thinking about how everyone needs to be carried every now and then and it’s about finding that soulmate/person that will carry you when you fall. I remember so clearly the moment when me and my sister were sitting in the bedroom in my small apartment in Copenhagen one late night working on the production for this track she came up with this arpeggio synth line which I loved from the first moment I heard it and that ended up being the main accompaniment for this track.’’

Elinborg will be showcasing the tracks of her EP “Vera” with a run of shows this coming autumn, as the main support of her sister Eivør’s upcoming European Tour. Make sure to catch her on one of the following dates:
30.09. PL-Warsaw, Niebo
01.10. PL-Krakow, Kwadrat
02.10. PL-Poznan, CK Zamek
04.10. SK-Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
05.10. AT-Wien, Konzerthaus
06.10. HU-Budapest, A38
08.10. CH-Luzern, Schüür
09.10. DE-Ravensburg, Kantine
10.10. DE-Leipzig, Täubchental
12.10. DE-Hamburg, Mojo Club
13.10. DE-Berlin, Passionskirche
14.10. DE-Köln, Kulturkirche
15.10. DE-Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
16.10. DE-Nürnberg, Z-Bau
17.10. DE-Ludwigsburg, Scala
18.10. FR-Paris, La Maroquinerie
20.10. UK-Southampton, Engine Rooms
21.10. UK- London, Heaven
22.10. UK- Manchester, Gorilla
23.10. UK-Glasgow, Garage
25.10. NL-Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg Pandora


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