Raske Drenge


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About raske drenge

With this exciting and ambitious debut album, Raske Drenge seeks to establish a new direction and revitalize Faroese Folk music, making it easily accessible and relatable to a new generation of listeners. Building on the traditions of Norway, Ireland, North America and adding a whole lot of attitude, this eclectic fiddle and guitar album, though steeped in tradition, reeks of young, raw

With an interesting blend of old-school Faroese storytelling, virtuosic musicianship, original compositions, and catchy hooks, Raske Drenge consciously and effectively blurs the lines between Folk, Pop and Rock and Roll, while always managing to maintain the depth and power of tradition.

Start to finish, this solid 10 track album is an uplifting, awe-inspiring journey through Nordic and North Atlantic legend; a culmination of hundreds of years of human hardship and prosperity that resonates instinctively with the most fundamental parts of the human soul.

1   Hot Cat
2   Grindavísan
3   Jordad Halling
4   Her
5   Kjörstaddraepern
6   Seinasta Vaktin
7   Farewell To Trion – Arkansas Traveler
8   Sigmundskvæði Yngra
9   Õhtutants

Released on the following formats:
As vinyl record, CD and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and as CD. You can check it out on the player below.



Ragnar Finsson (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, vocal)

Oscar Beerten Sapion (violin, hardanger fiddle, fiddle)

Finnur Hansen (keyboards)

Kristian Pauli Ellefsen (keyboards)

Marianna Winther (vocal)

Malan Thomsen (vocal)