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Mist – Urd Johannesen

Producer catalog: FKT109a
Tracks: 1

Release date: 21. September 2023


About Mist

A year ago Urd Johannesen wrote down her thoughts about dementia and which memories would be important for her to be reminded of if she forgot who she was. The text is inspired by her father who, for many years, suffered from dementia prior to his death last year. Judging from the reactions on social media, a lot of people can relate to these thoughts. After a while she made a tune to the lyrics, and this is the first song that she is releasing in her own name. Urd teamed up with her brother Niclas Johannesen to arrange, record and produce the song, and he is also playing guitar, mandolin and bouzouki. Finnur Hansen plays piano, keys and has mixed and mastered the song. Also featured are Eyðun Johannesen on contrabass, Angelika Hansen on violin and viola, and Tóri Restorff Jacobsen on cello. All vocals by Urd Johannesen.

MIST is released by record label TUTL on World Alzheimer’s Day 21 September 2023.

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out with this link: https://bfan.link/mist-urd


Words: Urd Johannesen
Music: Urd Johannesen

Um eg ein dag missi minnið

og havi gloymt, hvør eg eri,

kanst tú koma at vitja,

og siga mær mítt navn

– siga mær mítt navn

og hvør, ið átti meg

– hvør, ið átti meg


Um eg ein dag missi minnið,

lova mær at tú sigur,

at børn míni eru elskað,

og ein góður vinur

-ein góður vinur

bað teg heilsa mær

– bað teg heilsa mær


Um eg ein dag missi minnið,

kanst tú meg áminna

at eg elskaði litir,

blómur og fuglasang

-blómur og fuglasang

og túrar upp á fjall

– túrar upp á fjall


Um eg ein dag missi minnið,

fortel eina góða, fleiri ferðir,-

fá meg bara at flenna,-

mest at mær sjálvari


Um eg ein dag missi minnið,

kín mær, tak mína hond, og

bjóða mær upp at dansa,

ger meg til menniskja

– ger meg til menniskja

og meira húð enn beinagrind

– húð enn beinagrind


Um eg ein dag missi minnið,

syng mær ein sang eg kendi,

áðrenn eg hvarv inn í tóman,

so rødd mín aftur fær

– rødd mín aftur fær

samband við sálina

– samband við sálina


Um eg mist havi minnið,

kanst tú minnast til, at

eg jú varðhugan hevði,

at eg gloyma fór,

– eg gloyma fór og

bað teg vitja meðan,

eg visti, hvør tú var


Composers and Authors

Urd Johannesen

(author, composer)


Urd Johannesen

(vocals, choir)

Niclas Johannesen

(Guitar, mandolin, bouzouki)

Eyðun Johannesen

(Double bass)

Angelika Hansen

(Violin, viola)


Niclas Johannesen

(recordings, arranger, producer)

Finnur Hansen

(mixing, mastering)

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