Brúðarvísurnar – Dansifelagið í Havn

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Brúðarvísurnar, which is Faroese for ‘wedding ballads’, is a release from Dansifelagið í Havn where you’re treated to 2 CD’s and 1 DVD with almost 2 hours worth of material.

Dancing at weddings is an old tradition – in the Faroe Islands as well as other places – from long before the reformation, but there was a special type of dance for weddings that came from the Faroes Islands, where one, or several, spiritual wedding ballads were danced. Apart from the traditional faroese chain-dance, the wedding ballads only had spiritual content, and spiritual melodies, and therefore were holy ceremonies. In old days there was even concern whether the wedding was valid if there was not a priest present at the dance. It was considered as a necessary direct continuation of the spiritual wedding ceremony in the church.

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