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Ole Wich

Recorded on the 1st of august till the 6th of september in 1977 at Milson Zachariasen, Thorshavn, except for Caramba! which was recorded live by Kolbein Simonsen on  the 5th of may 1977.

Cover: Ole Wich, Kristian Blak

Photo: Kolbein Simonsen

Listen to Nu Ska Vi U Å Sejle here


01. Solsang I

02. Flojhestsang

03. Szlangeszang

04. Girafsang

05. Nu Ska Vi U Å Sejle

06. Mallemuksang

07. Fåresang

08. Ingolfiade

09. Caramba!

10. Wiggo Hwal

11. Søsygesang

12. Sulesang

13. Sofasang

14. Solsang II