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Malan Thomsen

Malan – Malan Thomsen

Malan Thomsen is a Faroese singer and songwriter, well known for hits like ‘Stjørnurnar Blinka’, ‘Minnist enn’ and more. Malan has been an active member of the Faroese music environment since the early 80s, doing live and studio giggs. Other than releasing her own material, Malan has taken part in other projects within the pop/rock scene. As well as recording vocals for countless children’s songs, both as physical releases and for the National Radio- and TV station, KVF.

1    Minnist enn
2    Stjørnurnar blinka
3    Tað verður gott
4    Hugur tín
5    Hvar ert tú
6    Einaferð ein dag
7    Hvør sín veg
8    Tá verðin er grá
9    Dagur kemur dagur fer
10  Tíðarrák