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Kári P


TUTL 2000 – various artists

Producer catalogue: SHD041
Production year: 2000
Tracks: 16


Hinumegin ringvegin – Kári P.

Hinumegin Ringvegin was released in 1991 but is a collection of poems and music from 1967 to 1990. The songs are composed by Kári P and other composers like Ulf Lundell, Bubba Morthens, Bob Dylan and Donovan Leitch. The poems are mainly written by Kári P himself while some are written by Hanus Kamban and Niels Hausgaard. Hinumegin Ringvegin was produced in a time where the CD was taking over the music market from the vinyl record. But in 2021 the album was finally released as LP with a new album cover and one extra track.

LP Tracklist:

1. Villar víddir (ulf lundell / kári p) 4:05
2. Afturhvarv (donovan leitch / kári p) 3:45
3. Talað við gluggan (bubbi morthens / kári p) 3:35
4. Ringulríma (kári p) 3:05
5. Sátt (pauli hansen / kári p) 3:21
6. Fólkafrøði fyri framhaldsflokkar (kári p) 3:45
7. Meirilutin ræður (trad. / niels hausgaard – kári p) 3:35
8. Triðja dagin eftir (bob dylan / kári p) 3:50
9. Toybil (kári p / hanus kamban) 3:10
10. Hálvgum Mestsum Ov (kári p) 3:50
11. Skygni (kári p) 4:10

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.